Using our four seats of the latest Visi, Inventor and Hypermill software we are able to deal with most aspects of 3d cad cam design.

Whether working from a design brief, 2D data, a rough sketch or a mockup, our designers can turn your idea/requirement into reality. Working closely with the customer we can produce 3D cad data of the part,. producing quality realistic rendered images and 2D drafts for use in presentations or patent applications. This 3D data can then be used to produce a fully functioning 3D print, allowing evaluation of the part before production.

You may already have cad data; our software enables us to read most popular file formats. Our designers can evaluate your design and using our experience we can advise you or modify the design into the most cost effective mouldable part. We have a close working relationship with many customer’s design teams, meeting throughout all stages of product development advising them on plastic component design. Involving the toolmaker and moulder at product conception can save a lot of time and money.
Being moulders we have a large knowledge of plastic grades and direct access to technical information from a multitude of suppliers.
Using the latest visi cad cam software we are able to generate full 3d tool designs utilizing standard components from all the major suppliers. Giving detailed parts lists to aid ordering.
Using our visi or hypermill cam packages we can generate cnc programs of complex 3d geometry with high efficiency. We also offer a programming service for customer’s without 3d programming capability allowing them to machine 3d in house. (machine dependent)
Cnc milling
Bridgeport 760xp3 Heidenhain 530i
Dugard 850 Heidenhain 530i
Dugard 660 Heidenhain 530i
Bridgeport vmc 800 heidenhain 370
Hurco bmc30/m

Agie charmilles Form 30
Charmilles roboform 100

Colchester triumph 2000

Manual milling
3 x Bridgeport turret mills

3 x jones and shipman 1400 surface grinders

4 seats Vero visi 2016 cad cam
2 seats Autodesk inventor series cad
2 seats hypermill cam